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Sausage tempo tattoo color



Sausage tempo tattoo color

Tattooing is a practice that has been done for a long time with different colors for beauty and sometimes treatment. Tattoos in Iran are similar to tattoo methods in Western societies.

The needle is the main tool in tattooing.

The type of paint used is also very important. The colors should be standard, hygienic and compatible with the skin of the body. Tempto tattoo color is very suitable for eyebrow and eyeliner tattoos due to its oil base.

General rules of tattoo:

  1. Select a design
  2. Selecting the appropriate needle 3- Copying the design and copying it on the stencil paper
  3. Copy the design from the stencil paper to the body
  4. Cutting the design lines (lines) from the bottom to the top according to the original design with an RL needle
  5. Complete the main lines with RS needle if needed
  6. The depth of the needle for the work line should be 2 miles
  7. For overwork and needle shadow should be 0.5 or less
  8. Use Ad ointment or Vaseline while working
  9. In the tattoo of the first color designs, the dark colors should be tattooed and in the lightest color, that is, white, should be tattooed at the end. When cleaning white, it is necessary to clean it regularly. Otherwise, white will turn pink.

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