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BIOAQUA Ice Night Mask



BIOAQUA Ice Night Mask Moisturizing and Oily Control Mask for Skin
Introducing BIOAQUA Ice Night Mask
Bioacqua Facial Mask makes a cleanser and a nourishing mask for the skin.

In addition, this mask has healing properties.

This mask has two colors, the yellowish-brown color is taken from almonds and the green color is taken from mint plant.

BIOAQUA Ice Night Mask
Skin oil regulator
• Anti-acne and pimples
• Deep cleansing
Volume division ratio of two colors 50 g + 50 g
step one
Clean the skin with a cotton pad
Step two
Use a green mask on the T-zone of the face (T-part of the face).
Step three
Use of yellow mask in U face zone (U face part)
Step Four
Wait for 10 to 12 minutes
Step Five
Wash the mask