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aqua skin smart machine



Aqua Skin Smart Micro electric gavanic lifting skini skin are rejuvenation skin nursing basic nursing device for beauty

Aqua Skin Smart

Skin Integrated Management Instrument is an indispensable skin beauty Deeply cleans the skin by satisfying all the basic needs of female friends.


Whitening and hydrating fat burning and shaping do not fall. Remove sunburn, Cooperate with blackhead extract to thoroughly clean the face, and the whole process it also plays a role in sterilization.

The VC solution penetrates into the pore dermis to achieve deep whitening and hydrating stimulates the production of collagen in the skin.

Electrolysis for skin and body aging, removal hair follicles and keratin, prevents pigmentation and enhances whitening effect

aqua skin smart machine



1.Moisturizing management

Adjusts the oil-water balance of dry skin or mixed skin, and promotes the metabolism of far-infrared rays to activate skin cells.

2.Regeneration management

Exfoliate with a general regenerative management system to provide moisturizing and maintain skin balance.

3.Wrinkle management

The lifting system removes sebum and keratin and improves wrinkles to make the loose skin elastic.

4.Whitening management

The ionized vitamin C stock solution is deeply introduced into the skin, and the tyrosinase enzyme which activates melanin which causes brown spots is removed and discharged by the induced voltage, and the melanin aged product is decomposed.

5.Acne management

Acne acne and acne treatment caused by excessive secretion of oil can also be sterilized and treated.