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RF Tripolar Skin Lifting Machine



RF Tripolar Skin Lifting Machine

3 in 1 Beauty Machine for Face and Eyes Smaller, smarter and cost effective Beauty device for at Beauty salon. skin care. Beauty Salons.
Best Price It is an chehrehsazan product that works just as well as the one at the beauty salon. This price is even lower than one time skincare in the beauty salon. This is our promotional price, which is the lowest in the market. 

【Safe and Painless】Use the latest innovative system to provide energy that is safe and painless for your skin.This device transfer energy to skin and s t i m u l a t e s to produce collagen in skin layer. In this case, s t i m u l a t e s collagen tissues are activated and thus helps prevention of w r i n k l e s due to stress and help e x p e d i t i o n of skin r e j u v e n a t i o n.

【Notable】1.Make sure to use the low setting when first beginning. 2.Please be careful if use it on high, do not leave it on the same spot too long. 3. Please use with enought gel. 4.Please do not use it every day, twice for a week, 15-20 minutes every treatment. (Some people will see the skin change after 2 time treatment, some people will get the results after 4-8 weeks.【100% service satisfactory】If you have any questions just feel free to contact us, we will help you to resolve all issues.(we promise full money refund within 30 dyas if it has quality issues)