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Specialized hair weaving course

Code:    2022090410003



Chehrehsazan Academy  (CHS)

Start Date : 21 aug 2022

End date :23 sep 2022

Description Short:


In this course, the student will see the complete teaching of textures from beginner to expert


Name of the course: specialized hair texture for face makers


Educational topics

Teaching hair texture with natural hair
Specialized hair texture training
His affairs are Dutch
African texture training
He learned Afro and so on
Timing and cost of the course: September 1401

Name of the course: specialized hair extensions for face makers
Teacher's name: Face Makers
Prerequisite: None
Level: specialized from zero to one hundred
Class type: face-to-face and virtual
Duration: 3 sessions
online support
Course fee: inquire (call for consultation)
How to hold:

The time of these courses is agreed between the teachers and the students and continues until the complete learning of the students.

Online and face-to-face support for students for 3 months. If the student wants to receive a high school diploma, he will be introduced to the technical and professional center for the test.

What ability will the student get after completing the course?

After the end of the course, the student can complete hair weaving services and run his own business.

Tools needed to do the work: All tools are provided to the student

hair mask
hair tuft
stretch fabric
the shoulder
After completing the hair weaving course at the Academy of Face Makers, the student learns new methods in the field of teaching all types of weaving completely. He learns how to divide hair, how to add hair correctly and how to keep hair long and how to do the job correctly and continue to do the job in a professional manner. After learning how to do the work, the student can start working.


How to hold training courses for face makers:

All courses are held in three ways: private, semi-private and group. The number of people in private classes is between 1 to 3 people, semi-private classes are 3 to 5 people, and group classes are up to 25 people. After registration and reaching the quorum, the class will be held with the coordination of the teacher and the student. For students, employees or loved ones who come from the city, it is possible to hold classes on weekends and holidays, and also reservation and introduction of boarding houses for students who come from the city.