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Specialized course in hair extensions

Code:    2022052210003



Chehrehsazan Academy  (CHS)

Start Date : 2022 21 mey

End date :2022 21 jun

Description Short:


Training in specialized hair extension course is taught in different ways. All disadvantages and advantages are taught. The student starts working professionally after completing the course and is a lucrative line in hairdressing.


Course Name: Specialized hair extensions for face makers


Educational topics

    Natural extension training
    Creatine training
    Micro-link extension work
    Extension training
    Adhesive extension training and so on

Course schedule and cost: June 1401

    Course name: Carbamo specialized materials for face makers
    Master's name: Face Makers
    Prerequisites: None
    Level: Specialized zero to one hundred
    Class type: face-to-face and virtual
    Duration: 5 sessions
    online support
    Course fee: inquire (contact advice)

How to hold:

The time of these courses is agreed between the teachers and the students and continues until the students learn completely.

Online and in-person support for students for 3 months. If the student wants to receive a diploma, he should go to a professional technical center to test the introduction of silicone maps.

What ability does the student gain after completing the course?

At the end of the course, the student can complete hair extension services and start his own business.

 Tools needed to do the job: All tools are provided to the student

    Natural hair
    Special glue
    Creatine device

After completing the hair extension course at the Academy of Face Makers, the student learns new methods in the field of hair extension training. Teaches how to split hairs, how to add hair correctly and how to keep hair high and how to do the job professionally and then do it professionally. The student can start working after learning how to do the job.


How to hold training courses for face makers:

At the Academy of Face Makers, all courses are held in three forms: private, semi-private and group. The number of private class members is between 1 to 3, semi-private 3 to 5 and group up to 25. After registration and reaching the quorum, the class will be held in coordination with the instructor and the student. For staff students or loved ones who come from the city, it is possible to hold classes on weekends and holidays, as well as the possibility of booking and introducing pensions for students who come from the city.