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Skin Care training course, Skin Care training, Skin Care training certificate, Skin Care certificate , Skin Care course

Course name :

Skin Care training course



Short description:

In this training course, the student will learn how to consult with the client, welcome massage, skin analysis (recognizing skin types), recognizing different types of skin analyzers, recognizing different types of masks and their efficiency, making different types of masks (Rubber, Komaj, Pelf ...), learns skin preparation, skin cleansing, peeling, facial, facial or ultrasonic (dermaf), microdermabrasion (peeling), recognizing different types of blemishes, recognizing different types of skin diseases, etc.



Skin cleansing training to achieve healthy, fresh and younger skin always has a lot of fans. Since the skin is the body's first defense barrier, which is responsible for eliminating toxins and harmful substances through transpiration, in the skin cleansing course, training in skin structure analysis, client skin preparation, skin cleansing, aftercare By cleansing the skin and applying a face mask, art is given to the atmosphere. In this course, the student learns how to remove surface impurities and blackheads from the surface of the skin and bring minerals and oxygen to the surface of the dermis (the underlying layer of the skin) and clean all its pores.


Skin Cleansing Tutorial:


Skin recognition

Make a mask


Close skin pores


Making all kinds of jelly and herbal masks


Facial massage

Make a mask




 Course schedule and cost

The name: skin care course

Master's name: Chehrehsazan Academy

Prerequisites: None

Level: Specialized

Class type: private

Duration: two working days

Support: Yes

Course fee: inquire (contact counseling)

Degree: Technical, Academic and CHS



How to hold:

It is held in three forms, private, semi-private and group. According to professional technical rules, the number of private class members is between 1 to 3, semi-private 3 to 8 people and a group of 8 to 25 people. Classes are held three times a week after reaching the quorum with the coordination of the instructor. It is also possible for female employees or people coming from the city to hold classes on weekends, holidays and evening hours.


What abilities do you acquire after completing the skin cleansing training?

After completing the beginner, advanced and specialized course, you can master all your customers' requests for cleansing, hydration, skin and face repair with complete mastery. This tutorial will continue until you have mastered it. We hope you start earning money or improving your current business after completing this course.


Tools and equipment needed:

Owl-Poof sponge for skin cleansing, skin cleansing pads, facial cleansing brush