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Nail Art training Course

Code:    2021101810002


Chehrehsazan Academy  (CHS)

Start Date : Sep 23

End date :Oct 22

Description Short:


Russian and peach nail implant training course chehrehsazan, Russian and peach nail implant training course chehrehsazan, Russian and peach nail implant training course chehrehsazan Certificate


Course name:

Russian and peach nail implant training course



One of the secrets of attractiveness and beauty of women's hands is having smooth, colorful and healthy nails. But unfortunately, some women are forced to have implants because of their weak and brittle nails or their habit of chewing them, or even in some cases due to genetic nail diseases, and in the meantime, some of them want only for more beauty. They have to do it. With this volume of demand, performing this technique has been very popular among women in recent years. To get more acquainted with you, dear ones, with different methods and the differences between these methods, we are at your service with the latest content and video of nail implant training. Time.



Tittle of Russian and peach nail implant training course:

  • Manicure
  • Pedicure
  • Meat making and reversing
  • Scientific and medical knowledge of nails
  • Nail diseases
  • Correct scraping
  • Planting powder
  • Planting with a pen
  • Gel implantation
  • Top Shine
  • Nail polish
  • Planting mix
  • Temporary planting
  • 6-month design
  • Design principles
  • Cover
  • Format
  • Nail repair



Course Name: Russian and peach nail implant training course

  • Master's name: Academy Chehrehsazan
  • Prerequisites: Yes
  • Level: specialized
  • Class type: Private
  • Duration: 34 hours
  • Support: Yes
  • Course fee: inquiry (contact consultation)


How to hold:

Nail implantation training classes are held in three forms, private, semi-private and group. According to the school rules, the number of people in private classes is between one to three, semi-private three to five and a group of five to 15 people. Classes are held once a week after reaching the quorum with the coordination of the instructor. In addition, for female employees or people who come from the city, it is possible to hold classes on weekends, holidays and evening activities.


What abilities do you acquire after completing the Russian and peach nail implant training course?
After passing the nail implantation course, the student will fully learn the methods of performing nail implants and manicures, pedicures, peach implants, baby boomers, etc. After completing the course, you can easily become a professional in this field and start your own business or work in beauty salons. We suggest that in order to perform nail implant services, be sure to receive your degree from the technical and professional organization of the country and then enter the labor market.


Tools and equipment required:

Electric scraper, hand scraper, primer, antifungal, implantation powder, implantation liquid, electric scraper, wooden scraper and polishing buffer, implant type, cutter, nipper, nail scraper, meat grinder, manicure gel, manicure cream, nail clipper , Nail glue, Nail lens, French varnish, Design varnishes, Colored varnishes, Stencils, Disinfectant solution, Cotton, Manicure table, Manicure chair, Pedicure table