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Microneedling Device a1c,a1w



MicroNeedling helps with:

Restoration and revitalization of face color.

Reduce sagging skin, age spots, scars (including acne scars), large unsightly pores and sun damage.

Reduce deep and fine wrinkles.

Restores youth and natural beauty of the skin.

Reduce cellulite and stretch marks.

Reversing age-related hair loss, restoring hair health and thickness, which is a sign of youth.

The results of this device compete with the results of cosmetic surgery and makeup.


Main function of micro needling needles or needles:

Cartridge 9: Repair the moles, remove acne, remove stretch marks and wrinkles.

Cartridge 12: Repair acne pimples, remove acne, remove stretch marks and wrinkles.

Cartridge 36: whitening, hydration, stain removal, skin rejuvenation, pore size reduction.

Cartridge 42: remove stains, repair acne pores, rejuvenate skin, reduce pore size.

Nano cartridge: painless entry of nutrients, skin whitening, stain removal, skin rejuvenation.

Nano silicon cartridge: painless operation, nutrient entry, cavity repair, skin lightening, skin activity recovery.