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makeup training course virtual

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Chehrehsazan Academy  (CHS)

Start Date : september 6 2021

End date :september 21 2021

Description Short:


After passing the make-up and trimming course, the student learns the skill of doing all the make-up as well as the order of doing the make-up. In addition, during this course, the student gets acquainted with the shape and color of different faces and learns what kind of makeup to use for each face model. In addition, by following Instagram pages, she gets acquainted with new and fashionable makeups.


Makeup Courses

The makeup and makeup training course is offered under the makeup and makeup services of ChehrehSazan School It is important for all of us to be satisfied with the result after applying makeup, so we all try to use beauty salons that have proven their ability.

Due to the wide market of makeup and hairdressing in beauty salons and hairdressers, this field of study has always been one of the most popular training courses for students and there are many requests for holding makeup and hairdressing courses.

After learning makeup and grooming, as well as getting a valid degree, the student can enter the job market directly and earn a decent income.

The makeup and makeup training course for chehrehsazan Academy is done under the supervision of experienced professors, and all the tips and educational principles for getting a valid degree from a professional technical organization are taught. Makeup is common day by day due to its natural color and painless process. Gets wet.

In addition, there is a wide labor market due to the use of makeup on different parts of women's faces. The amount of makeup income varies depending on the city and the type of salon. Makeup is one of the most lucrative jobs among hairdressers. We hope you start earning money or improving your current business after completing this course.

We offer full-time makeup training courses along with part-time courses that are available through the week and on Saturdays to suit your needs. Our Foundation courses are catered to entry-level makeup artists to give you the fundamental overview and skills of the makeup industry.
Along with Creative courses and Photographic Media Makeup Courses, we pride ourselves on giving students a great environment to learn and excel in. Our intensive makeup artistry training courses at The London School of Make-Up are taught by industry leading professional makeup artists. These professional makeup courses cover a huge amount of aspects of makeup artistry, giving you the skills to succeed as a professional makeup artist.