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eyeLash lift and laminate

Code:    2021083110002



Chehrehsazan Academy  (CHS)

Start Date : august 23 2021

End date :september 6 2021

Description Short:


The procedure for eyelash extensions is to attach small fibers of compound hair to the skin or existing hair, making the eyebrows appear thicker and fuller. The number of hairs that can be implanted in this method varies. Finally, you can plant up to 200 hairs for each eye.


Course name: Lift and laminating eyebrow training, eyelash extensions 

Educational topics

    Personal hygiene and doing work
    Facial anatomy
    Familiarity with the materials used for eyelash extensions
    Lift, laminate and material training, eyebrow and eyelash styling

Course schedule and cost:

    Course name: Lift and laminating eyebrow training, eyelash extensions 
    Prerequisites: None
    Level: Specialized
    Class type: face-to-face and virtual
    Duration: 2 sessions
    online support
    Course fee: inquire (contact advice)

How to hold:

The time of these courses is agreed between the teachers
and the students and continues until the students learn completely. Online and in-person support for students for 3 months.
If the student wants to receive a diploma,
he / she will be introduced to a professional technical center for the exam. What ability does the student gain after completing the course? At the end of the course, the student can complete eyelash lift and
.laminating services, eyelash extensions and start his own business. Tools needed to do the job: Grade 1 silicone pad Eyelash glue Quality eyelash keratin material Work serum Micro brush, comb

After undergoing eyebrow lift and laminate training, eyelash extensions at the chehrehsazan Academy ,
the student learns new methods in the field of eyebrow lift and laminate training, eyelash extensions.
Learns how to move the hand properly, how to lay the materials correctly,
and how to choose the model and the correct way to do the work and then do the work professionally.
The student can start working after learning how to do the job.
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