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Festival celebrating women entrepreneurs and successful in the beauty industry

Code:    2021050610001



Seyed Javad Shoushtari  (Branding)

Start Date : June 2021

End date :June 2021

Description Short:


The project "Festival of Women Entrepreneurs, Service and Family Self-Sufficiency" was presented as one of the serious preconditions for drawing and presenting the desired model of women's role in the resistance economy with originality to the family institution.


The plan in the form of a festival was that within the framework of Iranian Islamic values ​​and norms, while defining innovation, entrepreneurship and the desired role of women in the economic growth and development of the Iranian Islamic society, by originalizing the educational role of women in the family, examples Introduced the objective and active practical models of this field with the attachment of its cultural appendix and provided the synergistic and expanding preparations for the desired examples of this field.

goal: • Defining and explaining the real role model of women in the economic development and social growth of the Islamic society by giving originality to the family institution and its consolidation and self-sufficiency. Minor goals: • Increasing knowledge and development of women's knowledge and understanding of desirable models of entrepreneurship and effectiveness in the field of economics of Iranian society based on local needs and its cultural background against competing models

Providing opportunities for ideation, idea development, completion and strengthening of new ideas and basic skills in the field of indigenous women entrepreneurship based on the values ​​and norms of Iranian Islamic culture; Creating a suitable platform for sharing and expanding the experiences of successful models in the field of women's entrepreneurship and economic role-playing within the Islamic family; Providing the opportunity to see examples and objective examples of desirable patterns of entrepreneurship and display of outstanding works produced by women entrepreneurs; Provide networking arrangements among women entrepreneurs