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Beauty salon branding training course

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Chehrehsazan Academy  (CHS)

Start Date : august 23 2021

End date :september 6 2021

Description Short:


The most basic concept for branding is to make a promise about a brand and then fulfill that commitment.


What is branding?

The most basic concept for branding is to make a promise about a brand and then fulfill that commitment.
In fact, branding is one of the most important aspects of any business, whether small or large, small or commercial. An effective branding strategy in an increasingly competitive market will give you a major margin. But what does branding really mean and how does it affect your business?


If we want to evaluate the reasons for the development of a company or a business, we can pay attention to the brand status of that profession, whether their products or services are a well-known brand or not? What has been the feedback on their brand?

Branding is a regular process used to create awareness and increase customer loyalty. The main purpose of branding a product, service or organization is to create a mentality and perspective towards your business in customers, so that they know that meeting their needs depends on referring to you. This requires high-level orders and preparation for future investments. Branding is the use of every opportunity to say why people should choose a brand or brand over other brands.

Definition of branding or branding from the perspective of adults

In general, branding is a process during which the emotional position of a product or service is added, thus increasing its value to customers and other audiences.

Some common mistakes in understanding the concept of brand and branding and what is not considered a brand.

    The brand is different from logos, logos or symbolic elements.
    A brand is different from a trademark.
    Organizational slogan is different from having a slogan brand.
    Brand is different from fame or good reputation, so not every celebrity has a personal brand (personal brand)
    A strong and reputable brand has no reason to be expensive.
    The brand is not an event-driven event.

Essential brand building tools

    Sound and phonetic branding (audio)
    Video branding
    Visual branding (visual)
    Content production and marketing
    Brand activation
    Event and event branding
    Word of mouth ads