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Coaching course and Teaching Techniques for hairdressers

Code:    2021090510001


Chehrehsazan Academy  (CHS)

Start Date : august 23 2021

End date :september 6 2021

Description Short:


Hairdressing instructor training course


Coaching course and Teaching Techniques for hairdressers

As an educator, professor and teacher, you have a valuable role in the new and growing movement of teaching science and technical skills that is necessary in today's life.

These skills are taught in order to meet the needs and shortcomings of educational and industrial centers, the most important feature of which is to be in line with the needs and shortcomings of society and industry.

In other words, it can be said that the best way to transfer these skills is practical training. However, it is your job as an educator or teacher to instill the seeds of knowledge and work information and basic skills in the heart of your learners' talents that are merely guidance You trust to plant.

In the first days of your teaching career, you may encounter many problems, or after a few years of teaching and teaching in the classroom, you still face problems such as not communicating properly with learners, or learners' dissatisfaction with your teaching style, or poor teaching efficiency Consider.

These are all problems that more or less we educators face when teaching and training.

An educator or a teacher or anyone who is engaged in educating infants and young people and in a word the future makers of society should pay attention to important and very sensitive and undeniable points in order to provide the information needed by learners in the best and complete way. To transfer. And finally, how a coach should be evaluated or how a coach can evaluate himself.

An educator must identify the different types of his class and know the correct and logical solutions to deal with this type of learners in order to create a favorable and useful environment.

So that learners enjoy sitting in class and you do not feel tired. To achieve this, you can use new teaching methods at the chehrehsazan Academy

  • Course schedule and cost
  • The name of the Coaching course and Teaching Techniques for hairdressers
  • Master Name: Chehrehsazan Academy
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Level: Specialized
  • Class type: private

Duration: two working days

  • Support: Yes
  • Course fee: inquire (contact counseling)
  • Degree: Technical, Academic and CHS



How to hold:

It is held in three forms, private, semi-private and group. According to professional technical rules, the number of private class members is between 1 to 3, semi-private 3 to 8 people and a group of 8 to 25 people. Classes are held three times a week after reaching the quorum with the coordination of the instructor. It is also possible for female employees or people coming from the city to hold classes on weekends, holidays and evening hours.